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About Us

Hey there. We are Jim and Cheryl Moore of CJ Experience. 

Thanks for visiting our page and learning a little more about wildlife. 
We started this business because we have a passion for wildlife and a passion to teach others about it. 
Jim attended Western Colorado College where he obtained his degree in Biology. He has spent years learning about wildlife and there habitats. 
Cheryl is an award winning Master Photographer who has found her passion for Birds, Bears and more. Together we make a great team of knowledge of wildlife and where to find wildlife. We believe that wildlife is something special and can only be found with a lot of patience. 
We live in Canyon City, Colorado. When we get asked what do you do in your spare time? We both say "Go and look for birds and wildlife." No matter if its a drive through the canyon or a few hours away, we are always out looking and learning about what's around us. 
We are so excited you visited our page and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Wildlife Adventures.

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