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Wildlife Photography Adventures

Cranes of Colorado 2023

Alamosa, Colorado

October 20-21, 2023

Come along with us on this two day Sandhill Crane adventure.

We will be focused on the fall migration through Colorado for these magnificant birds.

We will also be on the lookout for Great Horned Owls, Bald eagles, Hawks and a variety of water flowl.


Birds of South Texas 2024

Galveston, Texas 2024

April 9-13, 2024

Join us on this 5 day, 4 night adventure as we travel to the Galveston Texas area to photograph the largest variety of birds in one workshop. The variety of birds we will see on this trip is endless.

We will be going over each day what type of wildlife we will be seeing and the camera settings you will need to make sure you get that award winning photo. 

We will be enjoying time in the field as well as classroom time to review images and go over light editing techniques.

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Private Photography Workshops

Private tours are available and lead by Cheryl & Jim on a first come first serve basis. Cheryl is an award winning photographer that specializes in photographing wildlife from birds to large animals and Jim is a Biologist/Naturalist.  When Cheryl & Jim are on a tour with a client, their hope is that you not just have a great time but also learn new photography techniques, create images and acquire new skills that can be practiced and perfected once you get home. Every private workshop is customized based on the clients desire.

Due to the private nature of the workshop, we will be able to concentrate on your exact needs.  We accommodate the complete beginner to the experienced, advanced photographers.  Cheryl & Jim will tailor your workshop specifically to what works best for you.


Photography & Post Processing

Privatephotography and post processing lessons offer one on one sessions.  Whether you want to learn to photograph wildlife and get those crisp sharp images that stand out or if you want to learn how to post process your images, or even learn to enhance them with my techniques, private lessons are a perfect way to learn.  Tell me what you want to learn and let's get started.

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